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Own-Occupation Physician Disability Insurance

Physician disability insurance plans are available through Got DI to provide complete coverage with lower premiums and higher benefits. Own-occupation policies that are non-cancellable and guaranteed renewable provide policyholders with the ability to control their plans. With those options, you don’t have to worry about your insurance being cancelled or changed, and you have the opportunity to renew it every year.

Being a physician is a stressful, time consuming job, so Got DI compares physician disability insurance policies to find the most affordable one that isspecifically tailored towards your personal needs.

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Why Purchase Own-Occupation Plans

Own-occupation disability insurance for physicians allows the policyholder to switch positions should an injury prevent them from returning to work in their normal capacity.

Some disabilities are so hindering that you can no longer perform in your field of expertise, but your medical degree allows you to switch professions. Own-occupation plans continue to pay benefits for an injury that forces you to change jobs and reduces your wages.